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Written By: Bob Napierala on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014


Training for most companies is vital to profitability and sustainable success.  Training exists in all aspects of business and life.  From the moment you are born training begins.  You observe your parents; older siblings, family members and family friends perform tasks even as fundamental as walking and talking.  Eventually, as time progresses you learn a new task, often one at a time.  What if the training process could be accelerated?  What would that mean to you, to your employees?

Training, in the truest sense of the word means, “to acquire knowledge, skills or competences as a result of teaching.”  It is vital to all organizations in all industries.  Whether you are a waitress, a production worker or a new executive just brought onto the management team of a Fortune 500 company; everyone requires training.  Whether training takes place formally or informally, all companies train.  What vary are the methods implored to train.  Some companies have entire departments that are responsible for training; others use the old fashion method of sit next to me, watch and learn.

Have you ever completed the super essential “video training”?  You know the one I am talking about.  It is the one where you watch a 45-minute movie about day-to-day activities and common work instructions or safety procedures only to forget 70% of what you watched an hour later?  Sure you will remember the guy in the blue shirt and how irritating you found his mannerisms to be, but as far as how to perform that detailed process you now need to complete on your own, forget it!

How about the tedious reading of books or standard operating procedures that tell you what to do and how to do it but unfortunately from a 30,000 foot view that in no way provides the detail you will require to actually perform the task on your own?  Don’t worry, when you get to the part of the job where chapter 4, section 27 described comes up, I am certain you will remember everything.  Finally, my personal favorite…ever been “thrown to the wolves?”  Let’s talk about how inefficiency comes to the forefront immediately with this method and how stupid you feel when you start walking in circles trying to find the right person to ask your question so the wrong person doesn’t think you’re an idiot.

Inefficient training is frustrating for all.  Managers get discouraged because they feel it should not be as difficult to train as it always is.  Employees become frustrated because they are unable to perform the required tasks of their job without tracking down their manager for question after question.   And, there is nothing worse than the employee who completes a task incorrectly because they just flat out did not want to bother you again to get clarification on the correct method of performing the requirements of their job.

Allow me to introduce to you the future of training and show you how an intuitive, fully integrated document management, training management and quality compliance software program can make “every employee, as good as your best employee.”  Don’t get caught with having too much intellectual property within the minds of one or two people.  Reduce risk by documenting your company’s best practices from those select few and make that information available to everyone within your organization, within aboutthree clicks of a mouse.  With aboutthree everyone within your company will have the tools they need to succeed.

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