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Written By: Bob Napierala on Monday, June 2nd, 2014


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Is employee training critical and key to your company’s success?  Scratch that…I already know the answer.  Of course it is!  A better question would be do you find yourself continuously being asked the same questions over and over, day after day? We all know training is expensive and time consuming, not only for the employee, but more importantly, also for management.  Time is a valuable but limited asset and without the proper training, endless questions and inefficiencies are inevitable.  With the appropriate training methods managers can use their time more efficiently and focus on larger, strategic issues that will have a greater impact on the long-term goals of an organization.  Can you imagine what it would be like to perform a task without an interruption?  I know, mind blowing!

Although, training employees is frequently a tedious and repetitive process, let’s not kid ourselves, everyone knows getting a job done correctly cannot always happen the first time, or can it?  Instead of spending your time training employees, consider the option of allowing employees to self-train.  But how can employees train themselves?  That is ridiculous!  Is it?  Throughout offices, departments and shop floors, aboutthree customers are revolutionizing the way they handle employee training and are reaping immediate ROI as a result.  Training, via self-certifying allows management to use their time more efficiently and empowers employees by providing them with the knowledge they need to perform their job requirements consistently and correctly.

Let’s back up a few steps. Do you have a system in place that evaluates your employee’s retention of the training materials?  Are your employees trained to the degree in which they can perform any task with minimal management?  Do you also have a system in place that tracks when someone was trained and electronically stores verification signatures for quality assurance and auditing purposes?  Can you locate any training record for any employee within aboutthree clicks of a computer mouse?  I am going to take a shot in the dark here and say that you answered “No” to at least one of these questions.

Now let me introduce you to aboutthree.

aboutthree’s technology will allow your team members to access “any document, any time, from anywhere in aboutthree clicks” of a mouse.  Managers are able to login to their account and schedule training for new employees or existing employees who require additional training.  If training is critical to a particular process or task within your company you can confirm your employees understand the requirements of their job by issuing a test as a final phase of training.   See how we did this?  See how much time we just freed off of your schedule?  That’s what we are here for!  If you want to take full advantage of this newly found “free time” and empower your employee’s, just click on “Request Demo” and we will show you our world in much greater detail.

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