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about3 Accelerates Growth and Enhances Profitability

Applying Total Quality Management

In 2007, about3, LLC a total quality management company, was formed in partnership with a manufacturing company to create an innovative growth strategy. about3’s goal is to document and improve upon already existing business processes. The about3 solution enables organizations to leverage best practices, using customized solutions to develop and document highly detailed business process workflows.

The manufacturing company, working with about3, grew exponentially; and with its success so grew the challenge to maintain quality and manage cost. To maximize efficiency, about3 captured the intellectual property from the manufacturing company’s most experienced staff in the form of business process mapping. about3 then made these newly created maps immediately available via a highly intuitive cloud based software system. This streamlined training, raised proficiency of the entire workforce. It reduced risk and diminished management’s involvement in the job training process. about3 was crucial to the manufacturing company’s growth and success.

about3 delivers a total quality management packaged solution through their patent pending technology; and by offering highly experienced consulting services. Their consultant’s work with predefined organizational teams to document intellectual property based on statistical data and lessons learned.

Working together, about3’s consultants assist clients in identifying the best opportunities for improvement. They then aid organizations in applying knowledge to expand strategies and proliferate measurable results. about3 enables organizations to leverage their expertise in a variety of ways by detailing knowledge and making it readily available to everyone on their team…in “about3” clicks.